• Installation at Dean Clough Mills 

• Exhibition at the Piece Hall Halifax

• 25.06.19 to 21.07.19 

• Open 10.00am to 4.00pm (not Mondays) 

• Free entry



Photo: Alex Delfanne. Courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro London/Venice

Original Artwork installation

‘CHORD’: A giant ‘time machine’ brings Dean Clough’s jute shed back to life

Dean Clough Mills and the Piece Hall combine to support Yorkshire Sculpture International

• An enormous rope-making machine that ‘captures time’ will be a major visitor attraction in the forgotten ‘Jute Shed’ at Dean Clough Mills this Summer.

Mule spinning 1932

• Over the course of the exhibition two identical machines, each with three arms carrying 324 spools of coloured cord, slowly retreat from each other down a rail track. Suspended between them, nearly 3m in the air, a multicoloured rope is mesmerically woven. 


• Unseen for ten years, ‘Chord’ was originally commissioned by Measure Arts and shown in a disused tram tunnel in London when the rush for tickets caused the booking systems to temporarily crash.


• Sections of the rope previously made by ‘Chord’ (measured - not in metres - but in minutes) will be on display at Halifax’s recently restored and nationally celebrated Piece Hall, which hosts a simultaneous exhibition of drawings and other pieces by the critically acclaimed Conrad Shawcross.

An enormous rope-making machine

• The initiative by Dean Clough and the Piece Hall and co-curated by Sam Clayton has been supported by an Arts Council grant and coincides with Yorkshire Sculpture International; a festival of sculpture around Leeds and Wakefield organised by The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, The Henry Moore Institute and Leeds Art Gallery.


Dean Clough Mills, Halifax HX3 5AX 

Tel: 01422 250250


NB. There is no parking near the Jute Shed and visitors should be prepared for a five minute walk. Please call in advance for details of wheelchair access.


Walking route from The Piece Hall to The Jute Shed Dean Clough Mills